Our commitment to building tomorrow's performance

Since 1950, the Briconord Group has been designing and manufacturing products related to the world of DIY and home improvement. All our products are designed and developed to meet the demands of the market and our customers, with a constant focus on quality and innovation.

The Group has constantly evolved by accompanying those involved in home improvement. Today, the social and environmental challenges are major. We want to be fully committed to building the performance of tomorrow.

To meet these challenges, our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach is based on 4 pillars:

  • Human and social responsibility
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Well-being at work
  • Preservation of the environment

The Briconord Group is committed to this approach with the aim of being a responsible player in home improvement and hardware and building sustainable growth.



human and societal

“Our values emphasise individual initiative, equal opportunities, parity and gender diversity.”

  • The success of our company can only be achieved with responsible behaviour

    • To behave ethically and responsibly in all circumstances
  • Our organisation is clear and transparent. It is governed by simple rules known to all

    • Emphasise individual initiative, equal opportunities, parity and gender balance. Recognise the right to make mistakes
  • We share our social, ethical and environmental standards with all stakeholders

    • Display a clear and transparent organisation that encourages dialogue and constructive participation by all
  • We act for the development of the territories where we are established

    • Getting involved in local development initiatives
    • Sharing best practice in social, ethical and environmental standards with our partners



“True success can only be achieved by sharing responsible behaviour.”

  • Our company aims to ensure responsible growth by providing products and services that comply with regulations and specifications while optimising the product life cycle. These principles guide our innovation strategy

    • Choose partners (suppliers, customers, service providers, etc.) who are committed to the values of our company
  • We are committed to promoting the use of sustainable resources, saving energy and consumables at all our sites

    • Use sustainable resources and save energy and consumables, including by promoting our investments in this direction
    • Adopt a strategy of responsible innovation, reducing consumption, facilitating consumer use and encouraging the re-use of products
    • Offer products and services that comply with regulations and our specifications
    • Take into consideration the entire life cycle of products


at work

“You only work well in an environment where you feel good.”

  • Our company is committed at all times to ensuring the health, safety, integrity and well-being at work of our employees and all persons on our sites

    • Maintain high standards of safety for all people on our sites
  • Women and men, our human capital, are our key resource

    • Ensuring quality social protection for employees, guaranteeing them access to training and encouraging initiatives related to personal development
    • Preserve and grow the company’s human capital: dialogue, internal communication, human resources management


of the environment

“In a world of limited resources, their rational use is essential to preserve our planet.”

  • Our company is committed to reducing its environmental impact by reducing its carbon footprint

    • Measuring and reducing our carbon footprint
  • We favour local sourcing wherever possible

    • Promote the sustainable management of wood, paper and cardboard (while reducing use)
    • Reduce the use of packaging and recycle as much of our plastic waste as possible
  • We are committed to the sustainable management of the earth's resources, including wood, and to minimising the use of plastic packaging for our products

    • Use resources wisely and give priority to sustainable resources: renewable energy, recycled and recyclable raw materials