Some examples of innovation


As part of the evolution of our edge trimmers (tools for cutting edgebands), we have developed a new edge trimmer that is more efficient and innovative than the existing ones on the market. As an expert in edgebanding, we know the needs of professionals and that’s why we have created an edge trimmer with multiple advantages, including direct cutting of the edge at 45°.

This new leveller makes edge cutting easy thanks to its shape and good grip. Simply slide the leveller for a clean and precise cut with a direct 45° finish (chamfer). The leveller is also suitable for several thicknesses: from 0.6 to 0.8 mm.

Product developed and patented by Nordlinger Pro


Long profiles have transport constraints due to their great length. In particular, cutting requires tooling to adapt to specific measurements.

The aim was to create a long profile without the constraints. The PVC raw material allows flexibility and packaging in rolls. The factory-made grooving allows for a folding line that easily adapts to L-shaped or U-shaped surfaces.

The adhesive is present over the entire surface on the back of this flexible profile for strong adhesion.

Product developed and patented by Nordlinger Pro


We have found that threshold bars on the market often fulfil a single function. When products are used for multiple purposes, they are often not optimised in thickness, size and aesthetics. We have therefore developed a threshold bar with broader functions and more optimal benefits than standard threshold bars.

The 1 for all sill bar has three functions: sill bar, levelling and finishing profile. There are two versions of this sill bar depending on the thickness of the underlay and the floor, which allows the 1 for all to be ultra flat (1.8mm).

Product developed and patented by Nordlinger Pro


This system is innovative because of its ease of use. The product consists of two pieces of skirting boards pre-cut at 45° at their ends and specific clips for these skirting boards. This allows you to create a 90° angle quickly and without tools. Thanks to a clip system, the two parts are simply assembled and glued to the wall. The skirting boards sold by our company use the same clip system for their assembly. I t is therefore easy to assemble the perfect corner skirting to a skirting board of the same range. We have developed this system for several types of skirting boards (straight, moulded) in white and black colours.

Product developed and patented by Mac Lean Products


The first packaging with a drilling template to fix the deck boards!

The STARBLOCK® decking screw box is equipped with a cover that is used as a template to perfectly align the screws with the different board widths and to determine the spacing between the boards.

This tool, which complies with the DTU 51.4 standard for outdoor wooden decking, adapts to standard board widths (120 mm or 145 mm) and to the spacing between them (4 or 6 mm). Thus, this installation tool not only provides a quality result with a perfectly neat and aesthetic alignment of the screws, but also saves precious time when installing a deck.

Awarded at the Trophées du Négoce 2019

Product developed and patented by Norail


The development of the Starblock® lag bolt was aimed at saving time in screwing operations and ensuring a better quality of fixing.

The STARBLOCK screwdriver is an ideal compromise with its 2 screwing modes. You opt for a TORX screwing without pre-drilling in low density wood such as softwood, saving time during installation. For wood with a higher density, such as oak, you start the screwing after pre-drilling with your torx bit and you finish the fixing with a socket or a spanner, the assurance of a maximum tightening.

Product developed and patented by Norail


For construction professionals, organisation is a key element to gain in efficiency, a good storage allows them to work without wasting time looking for their equipment. When we designed the STARBLOCK® screw case, we first thought about the building site!

Ergonomic and versatile, the STARBLOCK® 14 screw case can withstand the toughest conditions and allows you to easily carry a real arsenal of : 1,350 screws in 15 different sizes (from 3 x 16 mm to 6 x 200 mm) in 14 cases. Perfectly interchangeable and refillable, the cases can be attached to the belt for use in all conditions, on the ground, on a ladder, a basket, a roof…

An additional advantage is that the case can be hung on the wall and used as a stand-alone unit for workshop work thanks to its two slots.

Product developed and patented by Norail


My Tube Concept is a connection system for endless design possibilities. The trend towards black and wood is appealing, and this system of tubes and fittings is the perfect answer to consumers’ desire for modern, industrial design furniture. And what’s more, do-it-yourselfers will be delighted. The 11 connection pieces allow for a wide range of structures to be created.

In order to help the consumer, creation sheets have been designed and tested by the teams: an occasional lamp, a spiral stool, a cactus shelf, an entrance console, a children’s rack…

Product developed by


MIX brackets are two-material brackets made of wood and black metal. This design is in line with the industrial style in home furnishing.

The MIX bracket is available in four shapes to form a range of bi-material brackets.

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