The CSR approach within the Briconord Group

More than ever, the theme of CSR, corporate social responsibility, is in the air. The Briconord Group positions itself as an active player in the evolution of the industry towards greater responsibility and commitment. Numerous actions have been put in place to meet the environmental challenges of developing sustainable offers and reducing the overall impact…

Article Réno Porte

Réno’Porte: new and successful

The Réno Porte is one of the latest products launched by Nordlinger. A product designed and manufactured in France! And you should have thought of that! How can an interior door be embellished without major work and on a reasonable budget? Nordlinger has responded to this question by developing a dedicated door overlay consisting of…


NORAIL & NORDLINGER are at Gedimat

Norail/Nordlinger – Joint GEDIMAT exhibition The Gedimat exhibition took place on 7, 8 and March 2023 in Bordeaux. Exclusively reserved for members and employees of GEDIMAT, the exhibition allows them to exchange with suppliers. This year both Norail and Nordlinger had reserved two stands side by side. The surface areas of the two stands are…


Development of e-commerce teams

8% of Nordlinger’s sales are made via e-commerce. But there is still great potential for growth in this sales channel. Nordlinger wants to open 13 marketplaces by the end of 2023, i.e. be able to sell 90% of our products on these marketplaces. This differs from the current way of selling, where marketplaces only buy…


BRICONORD Group expands with Easy Protec

We are proud to announce the acquisition of EASYPROTEC, the leading company in France in the field of films for glazing and decorative veneers. Following the acquisition of MAC LEAN PRODUCTS in the Netherlands in 2019, EASYPROTEC completes and strengthens our presence in the field of DIY and home improvement solutions. EASYPROTEC offers permanent and…