All brands of Briconord Group

Nordlinger Pro has been producing edgebanding and wood veneer for DIY professionals and private individuals for over 80 years. Our range is constantly evolving to meet new trends in the market.

Over time, our company has also diversified to meet more specific needs in the home. We design practical and intelligent solutions for fitting out a kitchen, cladding a wall, building a desk, repairing a bed base, assembling shelves…

Each product is designed for quick and easy installation to save time on site for professionals or to facilitate assembly for the home user.

The Nidalys childcare brand was created in 2016 by Nordlinger Pro.

The launch of the Nidalys brand was based on three observations:

  • Accidents in everyday life mainly concern young children aged 0 to 2 years, and are even most numerous at the average age of 1 year;
  • In 84% of cases, they take place inside the house;
  • Falls are by far the most frequent accident (>60%).

It is in this context that Nidalys was created. Our teams have launched three product ranges: safety gates, bed gates and safety accessories to enable everyone to welcome baby safely and in a way that suits their lifestyle.

The safety gates comply with all current standards governing the world of children. Our Technical Director is a safety expert at AFNOR, which allows the brand to be at the forefront of technical and regulatory developments.

Maclean Products is the company’s brand name and has over 70 years of history and experience.

We have become a reference in the world of flooring for professionals in the Netherlands and Belgium and for distributors in Europe and North America. We offer a wide range of products for the installation of parquet floors: underlay, skirting, installation kits, cutting tools. Our knowledge and expertise enable us to design professional quality products. We also work alongside manufacturers and other suppliers to co-develop solutions that are ever more appropriate.

Over the years, we have also diversified our product areas by entering the field of home security with child safety gates and home furnishing with sliding front systems and metal assembly for the creation of customised industrial-style furniture.

After more than 50 years of existence, the Norail brand has become one of the references in the hardware industry in France. It is more than 13,000 references and more than 32,000 shipments each year.

Carpenters, joiners, fitters, landscapers, general contracting companies, self-employed contractors, maintenance services, local authorities and DIY enthusiasts can all find our products in our 2,500 partner stores throughout France. As close as possible to the professionals in each sector of activity, we are always present to meet new hardware needs.

We are working on developing new products, expanding our existing ranges, developing new shelf concepts, new packaging and packaging.

Norail offers a complete range of certified STARBLOCK® screws with an expert offer covering joinery, fittings, carpentry and exterior fittings. STARBLOCK® is available in 8 distinct families: wood/agglomerates, framework, stainless steel-anticorrosion, lag screws, decking, concrete, parquet and hinges.

By offering its brand in 6 ranges of screws, STARBLOCK® aims to meet all the screw needs of the market.

Designed for quality work, the technical characteristics of the STARBLOCK® screw range guarantee comfort of use and a perfect finish. The screws are available in several packaging solutions adapted to professionals to facilitate the transport and the use of the products on their building sites.

To maintain a high level of quality and safety, the Starblock® range is CE marked. The EN14592 standard defines the mechanical and geometrical requirements for the marketing of products intended for the construction of wooden structures.

The Cime brand is recognised for its know-how but also for its ability to develop products that meet consumers’ needs. It offers a wide range of products linked to an adapted merchandising.

Cime is a French brand that has been present in DIY stores and in the materials trade for over 30 years. It is distributed by the company, which has been involved in the furniture hardware business since 1946.

The Cime universe is mainly oriented towards universal hardware, storage and domestic space planning which contribute to the improvement of the habitat. New product ranges have been developed with a double objective: to offer functional solutions for interior design but also to offer real decorative solutions to embellish living rooms or storage spaces.

Cuiverie Centrale is a brand of the company

It is mainly aimed at professional hardware distributors. The technical products are designed, manufactured and packaged to meet the expectations of the customers of professional retailers.

Easyprotec is the company’s eponymous brand. Specialising in films for windows, two ranges have been created: permanent films and repositionable films. These coatings have both decorative characteristics to preserve privacy or embellish a glass surface and also technical characteristics: anti-UV and security. It is the most ecological and economical solution for optimal summer comfort. The products allow to reinforce the security of the glazings and to preserve the intimacy in the spaces opened on the outside. Our products are sold in major DIY stores. We have also developed a new range of products: decorative adhesive coatings. They allow you to decorate flat surfaces with a new aesthetic and functional coating.