Environmental and social responsibility


All our wooden products are FSC or PEFC certified. This certification ensures that the wood used in the manufacture of our products comes from sustainably managed forests. Wooden veneers, skirting boards, children’s gates, animal gates, wooden trestles, dowels, slats for bed bases… All our companies offer FSC/PEFC certified products. We are committed to an eco-responsible approach.


Some of our commercial documents such as catalogues, brochures and flyers are printed on FSC paper. We also choose printers who select as a priority anchors of vegetable origin. We also use local printers, domiciled in France, in order to reduce the distances for the transport of our documents. This allows us to support the local economy and reduce our impact on the environment.


Our packaging is increasingly designed to be easily recycled by the consumer. Some are made only of cardboard with no colour printing and others are designed to easily separate the plastic from the cardboard in order to encourage waste sorting. We are constantly working to make our packaging more environmentally friendly for all our product ranges.


Recycling and waste management within our factories are major issues. We have several skips to sort our waste according to category, which are then taken care of by recycling organisations. We also reuse as systematically as possible the lost packaging for our internal consumption.

A social responsibility

Briconord Group promote equal opportunities and parity in the teams. We encourage promotion and internal mobility for positions that are open to recruitment. Although we remain a human-scale Group, our European footprint and strong growth enable us to offer interesting and motivating development paths for willing employees.

In an ever-changing world, the training and development of our employees is a top priority. New employees are given an introductory course that allows them to discover all aspects of their job, as well as the products and other professions of the company they are joining.

Our commitment to safety and improved working conditions is unwavering, whether in our factories, offices or for our travelling sales teams.

We are also committed to supporting disabled workers by offering jobs and adapted tasks either internally or through our partners.